Students have been investigating energy this trimester. We have been looking at the properties of an energy stick and which materials cause it to light up and make a sound. We have tested different configurations that may/may not cause a light bulb to light up using wires and a battery. We ended the week turning ourselves into a human circuit!


In science we have been learning about different plant functions and what they need to survive. Students dissected flowers and were able to identify their parts and jobs. We also “pollinated” model flowers.



Hello Families,

Just a reminder that we will be on a field trip this Friday to the State House and the Vermont Historical Museum.

We will be leaving school at 8:35 (just as they come in) and will return by 2:00.

The kids are to bring a snack and a lunch. Please remember that there is to be NO glass bottles. Thank you for helping us to stay safe.

I will ask tomorrow if the kids are ordering a school breakfast or a lunch. Please talk with your children tonight.

As there were issues with technology on our last trip there will be NO TECHNOLOGY coming with us this trip, or the trip to the Shelburne Museum, the following Tuesday. The children may bring a camera, but NO cell phone, iPod, iPad, Chromebook, etc., etc., etc. Should you have any questions please feel free to email me. Thank you for your understanding with this matter and for helping me to keep this a SAFE, RESPECTFUL and RESPONSIBLE field trip.

Thank you for all you do.

Have a great week.


Celebration Tomorrow- … Fort Day!!!

Hello Families,

Tomorrow, Friday,the 20th of April , our classroom will have a celebration, for filling our fish bowl!For our celebration we have chosen to have a fort day where kids can wear comfy clothes,bring a pillow or stuffed animal and a blanket!We will also be watching a rated G movie.Kids will also have the choice to read. Although you can wear comfy clothes please wear clothing that is appropriate for outside as we have met our school goal and will be having an extra recess.We hope you enjoy Friday!

Thank You,

The LongCHAMPions

Just a reminder…

Our class is continuing with the Goal Sheets each morning. The kiddos set a goal for themselves to work at during the day and hopefully MEET THEIR GOAL by the end of the day. You may see that your child continues with the same goal for a bit, as they feel that they need some more work with that goal. I appreciate how they are really thinking of what they need to be the RESPECTFUL, RESPONSIBLE  and SAFE individuals that we are all helping them (and wanting them) to be.
So0000000, here’s where you come in, Grown- Ups. Each night your child is to share with you their goal sheet for the day. Then they will ask you to sign that you saw it. The following day they pass them in to me and I keep a record of this. PLEASE, could you help your child with this process until it is a routine in your home? Thank you! The kids truly benefit when all of the major stake holders are involved in this! Thank you again.

Have a FABULOUS SPRING vacation!!!


Goal Plans…

Yesterday you noticed that your child brought home a purple Goal Plan sheet to you to be signed. Each morning the kids will individually write a goal to monitor their behavior in our classroom. Throughout the day one of the teachers may will go to them and notice when they are meeting their goal. You will then see our initials (HL, VC, MM, or JK)- written in our handwriting. There should be three sets of initials on the sheet to show that the goal was met.

Please check for this sheet each and every night. I also ask that you sign the sheet, and have your child return the previous day’s plan to me the next morning. As we discuss in class, there are three parts to homework: (1) Take it home, (2) Do it! and (3) Bring it back to school. Until all three things are done the homework it not completed. Remember, I know that it is the child’s responsibility to ask you to sign their sheet and return it to me.

Thank you for your help with this matter.


Happy Valentine’s Day

Hello Families and Kiddos,Image result for valentines day hearts

On Wednesday, February 14, 2018, we will have a small celebration in our classroom. Please feel free to bring in Valentines for your classmates and teachers. Please remember that Mrs. Benay says that you are able to bring in a small treat attached to your Valentine’s Day card, but you will only be able to enjoy one treat during our celebration. The others you are more than welcome to take home and enjoy there, with your grown- up’s permission.

We will make Valentine’s Day card holders at school this week.

Please remember that if you bring in a card for one classmate, you are to bring in one for each of your classmates.

The names of our students are:

Allyssa         Jackson         Sophia        Brianna       Eliana          

Alec              Abbey             Maddie        Charlie        Brody           

Sanel            Livie              Gunnar         Chloe           Kat               

Emily           Riley              Michael         Vinny          Bella             

Jason           Liam              Kala              Giada

The names of the teachers that work in our classroom are:

Mrs. M.          Mrs. Kagan               Mrs. Chevrefils            

Miss Emily    Mrs. Longchamp    Miss V.

Mrs. Chittenden

I hope that everyone has had a nice and relaxing weekend.

I woul d like to extend a thank you to the kids for  cleaning up our classroom on Friday afternoon. The teachers who had class with me in our room said what a great job our class does to make our classroom look like our “home.”

Mrs. Longchamp (Heather)



One More Piece:  Might you be willing to send in something for our celebration?

Vegetables:  __________________________

Crackers :  Thank you Brianna and family

Cheese Sticks:  Thank you Emily and family

Fruit:  _______________________________

A Sweet Treat:  Thank you Sophia and family

Water Bottles:  Thank you Jason and family

Cups:  Thank you Eliana and family

Plates:  Thank you Eliana and family

Napkins:  Thank you, Jackson and family


Please send in a note with your kiddo or email me, if you would like to send something in,  and I will respond to that note or email. Thank you so very much.


Readers Theatre tomorrow!

Dear Families   

     Tomorrow,  Jan 9, our class and the other Summit House 4th graders will be doing readers theatres . Our class is doing the readers theatre of Orpheus and Eurydice . If you would like to attend the readers theatre it will be at 1:30pm in the MBS cafeteria. We will be performing this to other classes in the Summit and Lighthouse 4th grade. Remember all family and friends are welcome to our performance. We hope to see you there!


Sincerely: the Longchampions